How To Camp - Beginners Guide Part 3. Where to Camp.

How To Camp - Beginners Guide Part 3. Where to Camp.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Siani Driver


    18 Apr, 2018
    We are thrilled this week to welcome Zoe Holland as our first ever guest blogger. Zoe and her family live in East Sussex and love sharing their adventures and their love of the outdoors on Zoe's blog: Juggling On Rollerskates.  You can also follow Zoe on Twitter @jugglingskates Instagram @jugglingskates and Facebook.  "Camping with children, especially toddlers and babies, can be a daunting experience. For most of us camping with children takes us out of our parental comfort zone and into the
  2. Awesome Campsites for Easter Camping
    28 Feb, 2018
    Awesome Campsites for Easter Camping
    It's -1 degree. It's snowing. Britain is in the grip of the 'Beast from the East' and you are wearing mittens indoors. The last thing on your mind is going camping, right? Well here at OLPRO we are cheering ourselves up in this cold snap, by thinking and planning ahead to spring and summer camping trips - and we thought we'd give you some warmer weather inspiration with our roundup of awesome campsites for Easter Holiday camping trips. Enjoy!  Top of the list of campsites to try this spring is
  3. Pancakes - the ideal camping breakfast.
    12 Feb, 2018
    Pancakes - the ideal camping breakfast.
    This week's blog is a little early, for a very good reason.  IT'S PANCAKE DAY!  Historically, a day to use up the perishables in the house before the Lentern fast, now a celebration of the wonderful thing of beauty and deliciousness that is the good old pancake. As well as being all-round awesome, the pancake is also a brilliant food for camping and camper van cookery, as it only requires minimal ingredients and utensils. You can even pre-mix your batter and take it along with you in a clean
  4. Adventure Dates: Stand Out This Valentine's!
    05 Feb, 2018
    Adventure Dates: Stand Out This Valentine's!
    Gone are the days of the popularity of tables for two, a dozen red roses and a cheesy card. Such actions are unimaginative, uninspired, and unlikely to win many favours with your other half. If you want to be truly original and romantic, try planning an adventure date. Adventure dates have a massive appeal because they are fun, different, spontaneous – and have the additional benefit of being pretty cheap and easy to organise. Here are some ideas: Boating: You could arrange a cruise on this
  5. How to Camp - Beginners Guide part 2. Sleeping.
    23 Jan, 2018
    How to Camp - Beginners Guide part 2. Sleeping.
    There are a few things to consider when setting up your camp for the best possible night's sleep.  What to sleep ON What to sleep UNDER What to sleep IN And, of course, WHERE to position your tent for optimum sleeping comfort. What to sleep on:  ​Even in summer, it can get cold at night. It's essential to create good insulation between yourself and the ground. You can do this using foam mats (children's foam play mats are a good option) tent carpet (basically a giant picnic rug) or even a
  6. How to Camp - Beginners Guide. Part 1: Choosing a Tent.
    16 Jan, 2018
    How to Camp - Beginners Guide. Part 1: Choosing a Tent.
    So, you want to start camping! Whether it be as an individual, looking to escape the daily grind and get a taste of the wilderness, or you’re a family trying to find more affordable alternatives for family holidays – we can help you to get sorted with everything you need from advice on tents, to the best campsites around. Over the next four weeks, we will be writing a How To Camp – Beginners Guide. Choosing a tent. When choosing a tent, you want to make sure of a few things. Ensure it’s big
  7. 10 Jan, 2018
    Signs of Spring
    Have you noticed the birds? Suddenly, there are dozens of birds singing everywhere in the hedges. In our garden, buds are appearing on trees, and the evenings are getting imperceptibly lighter. The Earth is stirring; the sun is creeping back over the horizon; the frosts are melting and we are starting to see the early signs of Spring approaching. The sense of potential is great. Thoughts of adventure begin to arise in the mind; plans of road trips to be had, beaches to be discovered. Memories
  8. 07 Dec, 2017
    What we love about Winter
    Most of the time when we think about exploring the country, we make plans for the warmer, sunnier seasons. However – there are multitudes of amazing experiences to be had all year round. Here at OLPRO we love to get outdoors whatever the weather, so have written a roundup of the OLPRO team’s favourite places to go and things to do in winter. Horseriding:  Becky loves getting out on her pony, she says ‘it’s great being able to get closer to nature and enjoy the views. I especially love the
  9. Stocking Fillers for your Wild One
    17 Nov, 2017
    Stocking Fillers for your Wild One
    Present shopping can be a nightmare, especially for the less materialistic, outdoorsy person, who appreciates nothing more than the wilderness. So, what’s the solution? Get them some gear that will add comfort and convenience to their outdoor experience, of course! Here’s a roundup of our top 5 Stocking Fillers for Outdoorsy People.